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Are you familiar with "Language Mistake-injected Story", a powerful program designed solely for Intermediate language learners in the English-Spanish language pair? Its main goal is To help language learners identify and correct common grammar mistakes in their writing and speaking. Say farewell to time-consuming and inefficient techniques and embrace "Language Mistake-injected Story", an answer that will reshape your labor. With Language Mistake-injected Story, you can effortlessly By practicing with a story that intentionally injects common grammar mistakes, learners can improve their language proficiency and confidence and Learners will be able to identify and correct common grammar mistakes, leading to more accurate and effective communication in their target language while preserving precious time and obtaining superior results. This tool provides amazing This tool provides a fun and engaging way for learners to practice and improve their language skills, while also building their creativity and confidence in writing to users, becoming popular among Intermediate language learners in the English-Spanish language pair who want to make their workflows more efficient and accomplish more in a shorter period.

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native language = english
target language = spanish
my level = intermediate

what are the most common grammar mistakes a(n) ${native language} speaker with ${my level} level makes when speaking ${target language}?

write them out as concise bullet points

After it responds to you, copy the bullet point you want to practice and paste it into grammar issue = in this follow up prompt:

grammar issue = Incorrect use of gender for nouns and adjectives
my topic = prompt engineering
paragraphs = 5

Let's focus on ${grammar issue}

Write me a ${paragraphs} paragraph story about ${my topic} where you intentionally insert ${grammar issue}. Only make mistakes related to ${grammar issue}. The purpose of this is so that I can read the story and learn to identify grammar mistakes.

After writing out the story, rewrite the story with correct grammar.

If you make it more than 4 or 5 paragraphs it'll cut off the corrected version and you'll need to prompt again: continue

After using, you will have the right to edit the reminder to create your own version.

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*Important, please read*

In the reminder, you will find places marked with two brackets "[]" or "<>", where you will replace the input information with similar content, and then delete the brackets after your content has been replaced.

The output content example returned from the A.P.I will therefore be shorter and less expressive than when you use live chat with GPT.

Example Input
(n): [Common grammar mistakes] {native language}: [English] {my level}: [Intermediate] {target language}: [Spanish]
Example Output
This prompt is better than DuoLingo Output

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