ChatGPT is now a text-based adventure game!



Want to make ChatGPT a text adventure game? Here you go! All the prompts you need! My prompt template is (change the [] with your own text along with anything inside of them, you can add or remove as much more as you want. You may also need to press regenerate response if ChatGPT refuses.)

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From now on, pretend to be a Text Adventure game, where when I type something in, you will respond to what happens in the story, so it could be character dialogue, another character's action, or something else. The current setting is [whatever setting you want]. [Add more about the world]. My character's name is [character name], and his personality is [personalities], and he is a [class, job, hobby, etc.] The world is [World type, for example, dark fantasy, sci-fi]. The world also has elements of [special things, for example, magic, time travel]. The story is written in [tense, for example, present tense, past tense, or future tense, which is really weird], with a perspective of [the perspective, for example, first person (I, me, my), third person (he, his, him, she, hers, her, character name), or second person (you, yours)]. Now, give me a short rundown of the world

After using, you will have the right to edit the reminder to create your own version.

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*Important, please read*

In the reminder, you will find places marked with two brackets "[]" or "<>", where you will replace the input information with similar content, and then delete the brackets after your content has been replaced.

The output content example returned from the A.P.I will therefore be shorter and less expressive than when you use live chat with GPT.

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ChatGPT is now a text-based adventure game! Output

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